What’s better than de-stressing while shedding your fats? ZUMBA is a fun workout that targets different muscle groups at once for total body toning. It’s time to add fun to your workouts by taking up our Zumba classes here at Engine Fitness.

Are you ready to dance yourself into shape? Zumba is the idea program for those who are looking for fun ways to get fit with its Latin signature and salsa-style music. This workout aims to build anaerobic endurance, coordination, and boost your mood with its grooves. It’s choreographed with intervals of intensity that closely brings “dance” into fitness.

In Zumba, your arms and legs are generally moving in different directions. Repeated practice improves your coordination that will lead you to feel more comfortable when moving your body.

You do not only get aerobic benefits such as increasing your heart rate, but you also get to anaerobic benefits – which can help you maintain a good cardiovascular respiratory system.

And the more fun you have, the more likely you are to want to keep doing it. Many people say they have so much fun dancing that they forget they are actually exercising.

Jump, jab, step and dance your way to a better body with our non-stop aerobic workouts. Our carefully choreographed Zumba fitness classes by Les Mills will leave you toned and energized like nothing else.