As the world’s most unique functional and suspended bodyweight training system, enjoy QUEENAX YOGA in our premier fitness studio in Dubai. Elevate your yoga gaming to improve strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.

ENGINE introduces QUEENAX YOGA: the system that turns your space into a tool. Made to accommodate the new trends of training, such as the suspension training with TRX & RIP Training, Boxing and Aerial Yoga. With Queenax, the space around you becomes a tool: ceiling, floor, and walls become your new partners for your training.

Our training encompasses a wide range of tools and accessories used for activities that take place on the Queenax unit. We provide top-notch and high-quality accessories that can be added to the frame of a unit to maximize your workout routines and achieve effective results. The accessories can create additional training stations.

Queenax Training exercises with ENGINE Health and Fitness utilize gravity and movements to produce neuromuscular responses as the body position changes. With our professional trainers, you’ll get into movements that combine strength and balance into a single, dynamic format that maximizes the body weight training. The movements are designed to intentionally shift your center of gravity.

Your formula to fitness success: Gravity + Body Weight in Motion + ENGINE Health and Fitness = Best Results!