HIIT Workout Mistakes You Might Be Making

HIIT classes are one of the most enjoyable and effective gym sessions available to everyone all around the world. Also known as High Intensity Interval Training, these workout sessions consist of an array of activities that covers all types of aerobic exercises and even includes weight training. When performing these activities, often due to many […]

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5 Reasons Guys Over 40 Should Try HIIT Training

HIIT classes also known as High Intensity Interval Training provides an optimum method of burning calories while keeping the body fit and fabulous. For men over the age of 40, activities that can provide a whole-body workout is a perfect and necessary option. HIIT classes can ensure that each muscle in your body is stretched […]

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9 Secrets To Staying In Shape During The Holiday Season

From now until New Year’s day, your calendar will likely be filled with parties, family gatherings and festive outings. And most, if not all, of these social agendas, will tempt you with yummy goodness-filled treats. It’s no wonder that we look forward to the holidays with equal amounts of excitement and dread. Excitement because there’s […]

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