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HIIT Workout Mistakes You Might Be Making

HIIT classes are one of the most enjoyable and effective gym sessions available to everyone all around the world. Also known as High Intensity Interval Training, these workout sessions consist of an array of activities that covers all types of aerobic exercises and even includes weight training. When performing these activities, often due to many factors, we can harm our bodies by making wrong preparations. To ensure that these mistakes are not committed, the following list of errors will keep you mindful about your body while also getting the most out of your HIIT workout. 

1.Skipping Out on Warmups and Cool Downs

Before starting on any exercise, it is absolutely crucial to warm up the muscles and joints of your body for unrestrictive performance. Many individuals that begin HIIT workouts often forget to complete this major step that can help them gain full range of motion while doing any activity. The muscles have to be made ready for the full swing of exercises that is to come so that no muscle cramps or aches are experienced later on. Your entire body needs to be stretched out well to gain the ultimate HIIT benefits.

It is also important to cool down the body post-workout so that any injuries that the body could sustain are relieved and taken care of from the very beginning. To cool down completely, stretching is recommended to make sure that no muscle soreness is retained for long. Also, the body can cope faster towards recovery when stretched in all directions after such intense exertion. Doing both of these activities will ensure that the heart does not experience any unnecessary and avoidable stress. This is possible by transitioning in and out of a workout session at a good pace with complementary stretches.

When it comes to stretching, it is essential to complete the right kind of stretching to prepare the body to either speed up or slow down its activities. Dynamic stretches are a technique of stretching the muscles in the body using its entire range to warm up each muscle fiber. This helps the body prepare for the oncoming strain and endure it with sufficient resistance and therefore is perfect for warm ups. This also prevents any muscle pulls and sprains in your joints. The other technique is static stretching which involves holding a particular posture for long in order to elongate the muscle fibers to a point of no pain retention. This is apt for cooling down the body after a HIIT workout session.

HIIT Workout

2. Inconsistency 

It is vital to stay consistent in your workout routine and schedule your HIIT sessions wisely. This is a necessity because the body builds up a good amount of agility, strength and endurance over the course of completing multiple sessions. The benefits of these workouts are not sustained by the body if it is not pushed to its limits regularly. An inconsistent plan for HIIT sessions will hamper any progress made by your body thus far and will disengage your body from keeping up any results. This can also cause damage to your overall health and especially your heart as sudden bursts of activities can cause more stress and tension.  

Many gym classes offer these HIIT workouts in succession to the area of concentration. While on some days the focus is on the upper body, the following days it is on the lower body. Skipping out on a day will lead to repeated usage of certain muscles that will not give you the desired fat burn and expected health benefits. This will make your body comfortable towards certain activities in particular parts and derail the body’s balance. This can in turn deter your interest in achieving your fitness goals given the irregularity in results. Furthermore, to retain more benefits of your HIIT session, keep your body active even on the days that you do not visit the gym. This will eliminate all possibilities of your body becoming too comfortable with any of the workouts.

3. Insufficient Diet, Fluids and Sleep

In order to keep up with the exertion that your body undergoes during a HIIT workout, it is very important to supply it with food and water. A proper diet that is high in protein will help your body refuel and become stronger with each workout. Having a small meal prior to your workout is a necessity for the body so that it can stretch itself to its limits and gain access to the visceral and stubborn fat stores. This meal should be taken at least 45 minutes before the start of your workout and should consist of carbohydrates and/or proteins. This is to ensure that your body has ample access to sugars that are needed as energy to exercise your muscles. 

A post-workout meal is also a must because your body replenishes all its lost micro and macronutrients through this meal. It is recommended to consume whey or protein-based foods that can help your muscle recover better and become stronger. Skipping out on any of the meals would harm the progress of the workout while delaying the desired results from appearing. As the high intensity of the gym session drains a lot of fluid and salts from the body, it needs to be replaced by drinking a lot of water. Water is needed not only for your circulatory system but also for your joints to remain flexible and sturdy. Protein shakes are also good supplements that can be ingested during and after the workout to keep your progress going.

Sleeping for a minimum amount of time is an absolute requirement of your body that needs to be satisfied. Even if every other factor is accounted for and maintained, without 6 to 8 hours of sleep to support your activities, getting a fit body will be a tough endeavor. Sleep can help restore your energy levels, relax your muscles and joints and ensure that your hormones are released on time. Hormones are important for growth in the size and strength of muscles and also in controlling your hunger. Getting enough sleep will also keep the immune system strong that will keep your body ready for many more workouts to come. 

HIIT Workout

4. Unsuitable Gear

Wearing the right clothing and especially shoes is of grave importance for completing any HIIT classes. This training engages the entire body in a variety of activities that requires a lot of jumping, running, skipping and others. Having shoes that can support this intensity is necessary so that you can remain comfortable and secure throughout the duration of the workout. This is not only for your feet but also for all the joints in your body that can get impacted with every push, pull, jump and roll. Purchasing a good pair of training shows or a high-quality running shoes would be a strong recommendation. 

Alongside shoes, wearing the right clothes that will keep you relaxed is also a necessity. With the full range of muscles that are being used, having clothing that can support each movement is a perk. Gear that has a dry-fit option would be more suitable for HIIT workouts as you will be sweating a lot. Carrying sweatbands and other accessories that will help you keep going would be an added benefit. Wearing clothes or shoes that are improper will deter your performance and shift your focus from your fitness goals. 

Making correct preparations will help you reap the best results for your body from the inside out. To gain further and more specific advice, you can also consult a personal trainer and ask for recommendations to prepare yourself better and keep yourself more safe and secure. Sign up for HIIT gym classes today to gain the utmost benefits from high intensity workouts. 


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