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5 Reasons Guys Over 40 Should Try HIIT Training

HIIT classes also known as High Intensity Interval Training provides an optimum method of burning calories while keeping the body fit and fabulous. For men over the age of 40, activities that can provide a whole-body workout is a perfect and necessary option. HIIT classes can ensure that each muscle in your body is stretched and exercised in a way that keeps the entire body fit and running. These sessions offer a variety of activities that are performed at short intervals to keep every part of the body engaged. This involves running, jumping, burpees, squats, presses and other weightlifting activities. To gain a better understanding as to how HIIT workouts can be the perfect fit if you are a male over 40, the following list of reasons will help you out.

1. Time Efficient

HIIT workouts given their high intensity, allow for a faster rate of achieving results in comparison to other styles of gym sessions. In this form of training, the body is continuously kept active with a short timing given for a break. This keeps up the heat in the body for a long period of time and allows for all processes in the body to progress at a faster rate. The American College of Sports Medicine claims that “because of the vigorous contractile nature of HIIT workouts…about 6 to 15% more calories [are burnt as part of] the overall workout energy expenditure.” This ensures that your body is receiving the needed strain in a shorter amount of time to gain the same results as any other workout. 

An added benefit of HIIT sessions is the post-exercise period where the burn of the workout continues and results in a burn of more calories. Unlike other training, HIIT provides a “modestly greater” burn given the exhausting nature of exercise involved in each session. This pushes the body to spend more energy in order to restore itself to its pre-exercise state, burning more calories even after the workout has been completed. This is a perfect choice for men over the age of 40 who are working adults with many other responsibilities to balance. With the constraint on time to have all aspects of their lives satisfied, having a workout that is short lived with longer term benefits is a bonus.

2. Fat Burn 

Men around the age of 40 begin to develop more visceral fat given their decreasing rate of metabolism and lifestyle tendencies. Visceral fat is the stubborn form of fat present in the abdominal region and gives men a ‘pot belly.’ To remove this stubborn fat, a greater and more continuous intensity exercise is needed much like HIIT workouts. These workout sessions ensure that the cardiorespiratory fitness of the body is being increased which is a strong factor that affects fat burn. With a higher heart rate, more blood flows to every part of the body and the heat generated from the exercise allows for the fat in the body to melt faster.

The burning of fat is very much linked to stronger, faster and continuous inhalation and exhalation that uses up energy stored as fat. This allows for more fat stores to be employed and leads the body to be leaner. HIIT classes exercise the entire body in a way that decreases the fat content in the body while increasing muscle mass. This concentration on using and building up muscles further helps in achieving a higher rate of fat burn. This is a super useful aspect for men over 40 that have more fat stores and need them to be controlled in order to avoid any cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol.

HIIT classes

3. Strength, Agility and Endurance

The HIIT workouts offer a wide variety of benefits for your body, the 3 most important are improved power, speed and stamina. By training each muscle in your body on a regular basis and engaging it to its maximum capacity, the strength of your body is consistently built. As the training continues over a sufficient time period, the muscles get tuned to the continuous usage and develop speed that boosts the fat burn in the body. Over the course of multiple sessions, the speed gives into a higher endurance which allows you to complete workouts for longer without the need for a break. 

This is crucial for people over the age of 40 because with the increasing age, the body becomes accustomed to a more sedentary lifestyle. By inducing such high intensity activities, the body braces itself to adapt to any further changes by becoming stronger and faster. This helps keep diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, obesity among others at bay. To give your body the maximum benefit, ensure that your workouts include a lot of squats, push-ups, jumping jacks and burpees. These activities cover all 3 factors and keep the criteria of maintaining optimum fitness and health of the body satisfied.

4. Fitness Level

As the age increases, men and women alike find it difficult to perform with the same vigor as they used to at a younger age. Also given the lifestyle that has been led up to the point of starting up the HIIT training, the fitness level and capacity of your body could differ. Irrespective of the intensity expected and followed at your local gym classes, it is important to take note of your own personal limits. As important as it is to push your boundaries and body to achieve good results, it is also essential to not sustain any injuries as a result of this endeavor. 

It is consequential to account that your body should only be pushed to the maximum extent given your own capabilities, medical history and lifestyle. The American College of Sports Medicine rightly states that “people should focus more on finding their own optimal training intensities as opposed to keeping up with other persons.” Furthermore, “safety in participation should always be primary priority” for each participant of the HIIT session. In the long run, this will keep the body ready for workouts and will not hamper the progress made thus far. This will ensure your efficacy while also keeping the body free of intense fatigue.

HIIT classes

5. Enjoyable Routine

With constant changes made to each HIIT workout session, going for the classes will be a fun activity. The high intensity workouts usually are conducted keeping a half of the body in mind. Most gyms divide the HIIT workouts into upper body sessions and lower body sessions. These alterations will keep you curious about the specifics of each workout and boost the enthusiasm for each class. Also depending on your growing fitness and agility, you can push yourself to gain more out of the workouts by increasing the number of sessions you attend each week.

The exhaustion that your body experiences at the end of each workout will reap amazing advantages that will keep you coming for more sessions. Your body will also show signs of improved sleep and definition in shape. Your fitness in terms of aerobic and anaerobic activity will be improved with these fun sessions. The results will make HIIT more enjoyable and satisfactory. In addition to these benefits, a HIIT workout combines the goodness of activities such as cycling, swimming, running, rowing, skiing among many more while giving you the same exhilaration. You will definitely feel like an athlete with robustness like never before.

HIIT workouts are the most efficient means of training your body in terms of time, money as well as your health goals. These workouts can offer a grand variety of benefits that are truly like no other. The feasibility of these workouts further makes it a perfect choice for men over the age of 40 years. Find HIIT courses in your gym classes today and join to experience the complete benefits of this wonderful workout.



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