Stationary Bikes – A Thrilling Workout in the Comfort of Indoor Training!

Cycling or riding a bicycle is a fun activity that we’ve come to love ever since we were young. Even before we knew and understood the concept of workouts, cycling is a thrilling experience that can get you physically fit without feeling the exhaustion.

Do you remember the times when you’d cried out loud because you fell off your bicycle? Or do you have this inevitable fear of hurting yourself as you’re out in the open whenever you’re cycling? No matter what it is, not everyone prefers to cycle outside, even if they’re the most adventurous ones. Some people also don’t have the time or the finances to buy and ride a bicycle.

If you love cycling and you find it as a fun way to get yourself moving, but you don’t have a bike with you, then why not go for an indoor cycling? With the use of stationary bikes, you can still get the same benefits as outdoor cycling – even at the comforts of the indoors.

What is indoor cycling? Many fitness centers in Dubai provide stationary bikes among many other high-quality gym equipment. As for the workout classes, indoor cycling is one of the most popular ones among those who prefer workouts in a group fitness format.

If you are looking for a cardio workout that requires a great energy expenditure with minimal impact on your hips, knees, and ankles, then indoor cycling is definitely an excellent option in both areas.

Indoor cycling classes focus on improving your endurance and strength through a high-intensity training using the stationary bike. Stationary bikes are designed with heavy-weight flywheel, chain drive, and friction resistance that can give you the same experience as riding an actual road bike.

So, the question is: is indoor cycling an effective way to get in shape? Read through this blog to learn more about the benefits of indoor cycling and how it positively impacts your workout routine.

Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycle trainers can help you get in shape while you sweat and burn when you go for the exhilarating ride. Below are the other fitness benefits of indoor cycling:

  1. It is a low impact exercise.

Indoor cycling is a low-impact workout. In fact, indoor cycling is also used as a rehabilitation practice for people who are recovering from orthopedic injuries. There is minimal impact on the hip, knee, and ankle joints.

  1. A workout that builds muscular endurance.

Muscular endurance refers to the ability of a muscle to repeatedly exert over an extended period. This means that you’ll be able to withstand more intense workouts and last for a long time – and burn more calories!

When you are pedaling against resistance, you increase the muscle endurance in the legs including your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles. Working those muscles strengthen surrounding bones, tendons, and ligaments that can lead to an increased overall strength. Because of this, you can perform your daily activities at more ease.

  1. Indoor cycling can help lower your stress levels.

Taking an indoor cycling class can induce adrenaline rush and release endorphins. Endorphins can improve your mood as it tends to create feelings of euphoria, which then can greatly lower your stress levels.

  1. Indoor cycling is a great cardio workout!

Adults are recommended to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week to maintain a good health. An indoor cycling class can pump your heart rate within a range for approximately 45-60 minutes. Additionally, indoor cycling can also help lower the risk of coronary artery disease.

Do you want to try it alone or join a class? Because cycling is one of the best cardio workouts available in gyms and fitness centers in Dubai today, find the best option for you. Plus, you can enjoy varied indoor cycling classes such as SPRINT and RPM by Les Mills. Know more about these by taking up classes at ENGINE Health & Fitness.

If you’re joining a group class, professional trainers will help you get set on your bike. Group workout trainings such as the Sprint and RPM by Les Mills will allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits of the exercise.


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