Take a Break to Bend: Benefits of Stretching

It was a long day at the office. You stressed a lot, over the things that matter and things that don’t. Your back is sore, your neck has a crick and your head is pounding bad. You feel like a Tin- Man deprived of oil than a human being at the end of the day, waiting to fall to the bed. Everyday stress and strain will take a toll on your body leaving you tired and broken from time to time. The best way to cope with everyday wear and tear is to start stretching in earnest.

Stretching is by far one of the easiest workout routines to follow. It is all about the deliberate lengthening of muscles, to increase flexibility and reduce muscle soreness. Regular stretching has proven effects on increasing your overall flexibility. It can also delay reduced mobility due to old age. Stretching further improves your posture, by helping your muscles stay flexible and thereby reduce discomfort.

Stationary office jobs are known to create back and neck aches in people. Stretching can help to keep your back muscles loose and reduce body aches and strains. Further, stretching increases blood flow to muscles, greatly improving circulation. Regular stretching increases your range of motion as well as enhance your coordination skills.

Apart from the positive changes to your body, stretching can also help you calm your mind and concentrate well. Sounds like a magical remedy to all your problems, isn’t it?

Stretching is of two kinds. Static stretching is holding a stretch in a comfortable position for a time of 10 to 30 seconds while dynamic stretching involves active moments that stretch your muscles and along the way. Dynamic stretches prepare your body for more exercises while static stretching helps reduce chances of injuries.

We recommend following a few safety measures before you start stretching. Let’s look at the few dos and don’ts of stretching –

  1. No to bouncing – Bouncing between stretches can cause wear and tear of muscles and leave tissue scars. Experts suggest doing your stretches calmly and patiently.
  2. Yes to warm-up – Stretching shouldn’t be done on cold muscles. This can lead to acute pain or injuries. Do light cardio warm-ups like walking for 10 mins before moving on to stretching.
  3. No to overdo – Never overdo your stretches. Overstretching can damage your muscles rather than mending it.
  4. Yes to comfort – While stretching it’s important not to go beyond your comfort. While it’s normal to feel some pull at your muscles, there should not be any pain while performing stretches. Relax and breathe evenly as you do your stretch.

If you are keen on workouts and like following a fixed routine of warm-ups and stretches, you can always reach out to our fitness centre based in Dubai. Our expert trainers can help you fix your workout routine and guide you along.

Bend your back for a better you!


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